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TrafficStars is a self-serve ad network that serves 5 billion ad impressions daily to a large variety of exclusive Publishers

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Check out min bids  for various Geos

Minimum bids vary according to each country and specific targeting. Once registered you will be able to see up-to-date min bids when you create a campaign or ask your account manager for a recommended bid
CPM Tier1 Tier2 Tier3
Popunder $0.5 $0.25 $0.1
Video $0.3 $0.1 $0.08
Native $0.01 $0.005 $0.001
Banner $0.01 $0.007 $0.003
Interstitial $0.04 $0.2 $0.1
Push $0.04 $0.03 $0.01
CPC Tier1 Tier2 Tier3
Video $0.1 $0.005 $0.005
Native $0.01 $0.005 $0.001
Banner $0.01 $0.005 $0.001
Push $0.01 $0.005 $0.005

Top performing Ad formats 

TrafficStars provides an effective and easy solution for publishers, advertisers, developers and marketers so that everyone can buy and sell premium, worldwide traffic in just a few clicks — from beginners to media buying experts


Providing classic display banners with 100% fill rate for all popular formats (300×250, 315×300, 900×250, 728×90, 250×150, 300×100).

Video Pre-Roll

A video ad which plays for up to 30 seconds before the start of a video, using VAST technology. The video pre-roll includes a clickable link and a call to action to ensure a high conversion rate.
Video Pre-Roll

Native Ads

Native ads fit in seamlessly with the site that they appear on to create a highly converting and fully compliant ad format. Our native widget is fully customisable and responsive, and consists of an image, brand name and headline.
Native Ads

Video IM Slider

Ready-to-use script is available for Video Instant Message Slider which features an instant message dialogue box containing a video ad of up to 30 seconds.
Video IM Slider


A popunder is triggered by a user’s first click on a webpage and appears hidden behind the main browser window or opens up in a side tab. This is an ideal format for grabbing and capturing a user’s attention.

Video X Pre-Roll

Our own overlay solution for video pre-rolls which works with all major video players and makes integration simple for publishers!
Video X Pre-Roll

Classic Push

Push notifications are sent on desktop, mobile and tablets to users who have subscribed to a publisher’s website.
Classic Push

Full Page Interstitial

A brand new, compliant ad format which consists of a full screen, interactive landing page triggered by a user’s click. This format loads between two pages of content and is immediately dismissible by a user.
Full Page Interstitial

In Page Push

Similar to classic push ads, TrafficStars In-Page Push is a web adaption of a well-known ad format with no need to collect the database, it works on all browsers and platforms, including iOS.
In Page Push

We work with all the top verticals 

Good creatives, galvanizing pre-landers, and well-designed video manuals are 90% of what it takes to be effective
Sports bets, poker, casino games! You’ll find all this and much more in this category
There are different types of dating offers: adult offers and others which are more mainstream-oriented. Any type of offer will perform very well
Win an iPhoneX! Don’t miss your chance to get a $50 Virgin gift card! These are sweepstakes and they are the bread and butter of the industry
E-Commerce is all about promoting e-shops and the products they sell.
This is a huge vertical, which means there are several ways of working on it and of getting a nice piece of the cake
When looking at long-term profits, Cam affiliate offers are by far the most lucrative options in a portfolio. Our specific traffic will convert your offers with the highest ROI possible
Among Finance category you may promote:
  • Forex
  • Insurance
  • Binary options
  • Loans
  • Black Friday offers etc.
Nutra is a broad vertical. It’s all about health, dietary supplements, weight loss, and skin care products, but also some adult products such as male enhancers
Software & Utilities
Check some of the examples of offers from this category that have the highest conversion rates:
  • Smart Tools
  • All-in-One unit Calculator
  • LastPass Password Manager
  • Google Translate
Why choose Traffic Stars

Track conversions
and ROI

Reach your sales objectives by using our platform’s comprehensive tracking capabilities


Detailed, real-time statistics provide insights on how to effectively optimize your campaigns


GEO, Region, Category, Keywords, Language, Device, OS, Browser, Carrier, IP ranges, Day Parting, Scheduling, Frequency Capping, etc.


You will have a personal account manager to help you take advantage of all the features of our platform


Select the most appropriate pricing model for your campaigns

Most efficient

Don’t miss out on opportunities and retarget leads successfully with our powerful platform

Launch retargeting campaigns to boost results 

Retargeting enables you to remind your customers of products and services after they leave your website without buying.

Now, you can collect users who clicked on your ads. In this case, our platform will introduce a cookie that corresponds to the pixel code of the user directly after clicking. It is easy to set up, no special technical knowledge required, and it will improve your ad performance immensely!

The function works with the ad formats where we count clicks on the TrafficStars side (Banners, Native, Video, Push).

What our clients say about us 

user photo
Head of Strategic Development Adcombo,
Jane Z

TrafficStars is a great ad network

It has a relevant traffic, high-quality spots and multilingual support. Thanks for being truly partners!

user photo
RTB manager Adsterra,
Zakhary Z

TrafficStars is our trusted partner

We have years of experience of working together, scaling togeher and achieving business goals together. We’re willing to continue the same way!

user photo
Key Account Manager Mobidea,
Karina B

TS is one of the coolest ad networks

TS is one of the coolest ad networks in the world and it offers a very clean, intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate. TS has a whole lotta cash waiting for you to grab!

user photo
Business Manager Mobipium,
JIvo Amorim

Trafficstars providing high quality traffic

Mobipium is proud of working with the best partners only, and TrafficStars has proven itself! Providing high quality traffic, allowing us to achieve amazing results day after day.

user photo
RTB manager ADxAD,

Trafficstars is professional tech support

We’ve been working with Trafficstars for a while and they’re a great partner! Extremely patient and loyal account manager, always on time payouts, professional tech support and super user-friendly platform!

Solutions  for all kinds of partners

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Expand the reach of your product, promote it locally or globally and get more sales

Media Buyers

Bring the most converting traffic to any offers you launch with TrafficStars


Get high quality traffic for your clients' offers with a huge variety of ad formats

Ad Networks

Reach the most relevant users with the TrafficStars RTB self-serve platform

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